13 things you need to know before dating a bi woman

13 things you need to know before dating a bi woman

No, we are perhaps perhaps not likely to cheat for you. FFS.

1. We occur. We had beennot only waiting around for one to arrive and assist us make up our minds. Sorry. Do not get down the pub and inform your pals you have “turned” a lesbian. You probably have not.

2. We are perhaps maybe maybe not likely to be defined by our relationship with you. As a bi girl, being in a same-sex couple doesn’t make us a lesbian, any longer than being within an opposite-sex couple makes us right. Never erase our identities and pasts.

3. “Way-hey, fancy a threesome?” isn’t a good chat-up line

OMG NO. Never Ever. Bisexual doesn’t equal non-monogamous. Never assume. Of course you will do look for a bi girl that isn’t into exclusive relationships, it really is nevertheless an extremely shit chat-up line and certainly will straight away reduce your odds of nearly all women continuing the discussion, allow alone start any doorways to group-sex action that is hot. Yes, even on OKCupid. If perhaps you can see our faces once we start the 5th message that is threesome of time…

4. You’ll trust us as much as just about any woman. Bi ladies are no longer prone to cheat for you than someone else. Similarly, they may be you can forget prone to leap at your recommendation of experiencing an available relationship or to giggle and comply once you let them know to snog their mate in a club for a laugh.

5. We do not require a girlfriend in the side. And something of the very most things that are offensive can perform is declare that we are absolve to have it on along with other ladies because “it does not count as cheating” along with other females aren’t a “threat”. Which is wrong on therefore levels that are many. Just just exactly How sexist can it be to recommend that only intercourse with a guy counts as “real” sex?! Xem thêm