Amish sex parties. Wait, possibly I better right right back up a little.

Amish sex parties. Wait, possibly I better right right back up a little.

By Jim CaplePage 2

LANCASTER COUNTY, Pa. — Stop me personally if you have heard that one before: A sportswriter, a chick from MTV’s “Real globe” plus an Amish chain-smoker get into a club to look at the Super Bowl.

Within my week-long quest to get the heart of Philadelphia and Eagles fans, We chatted because of the Santa Claus whom got pelted with snowballs, individuals whom make $300 throwback jerseys, the Arena Football players who sacrifice their health for $30,000 per year and a 99-pound girl whom holds the entire world record for eating chicken wings. I toured Independence Hall, consumed Philly cheesesteak and got hopelessly frustrated wanting to drive around town hallway. I went up the actions towards the Art Museum while humming the theme from “Rocky. “

Also to round down my experience, I drove away to Pennsylvania Dutch nation on Sunday to look at the Super Bowl among the list of Amish.

Just do it. Make your punch lines up. My buddy, Rod, did. Just him i was going to Amish country to watch the Super Bowl, he came up with a list of the Top 10 Questions the Amish Would Ask While Watching the Super Bowl as I told:

10. “Hey, what occurred into the Bud Bowl? “

9. “Wouldn’t that Jillian Barberie look hot in a cut that is modestly of a good color material, black colored cape and a prayer bonnet? “

8. “will it be just me personally, or would be the commercials more entertaining as compared to game? “

7. “Paul McCartney. Xem thêm