Bondage? Rough Sex? I’m More Concerned About Acronyms.

Bondage? Rough Sex? I’m More Concerned About Acronyms.

The crazy, strange, loopy things we do into the interest of interesting intercourse.

“I blame my mom for my bad intercourse life. All she said was ‘the guy continues on top together with woman underneath.’ For 3 years my spouce and I slept in bunk-beds.” Joan Streams

Far be it for me personally to criticize popular notions — or any notions, for instance. I’m simply wondering where we’re choosing relationships today. If I’m to think the newest OkCupid poll, we’re perhaps perhaps not into only a little kinky sex — we’re into lots of it.

We’ve become shameless hussies (perhaps the guys), prepared to turn our kink into sets from “Saddle up, partner,” to “Could you please knock a molar out.”

Really, gone would be the times after 9 ½ days whenever we’d go right to the refrigerator and stick honey, hot peppers — or whatever had been beyond the sell by date — into our partner’s lips. Today — dare we say it — we’ve moved to (gasp!) acronyms.

That’s right, acronyms. Forget saying you’re kinky or into bondage. Simply inform your date or partner you’re a full-fledged bdsm devotee.

Evidently, being truly a BDSM posesses great deal of fat. The mention that is mere relating to 600,000 participants on OkCupid, has everyone else nodding their minds — or 71% anyhow. That’s exactly how many say they’re into kink. Break it down (taking the gags from their mouths) and 75% of males and 62% of females say they like rough sex.

Now, rough sex isn’t anything brand brand brand new. We had our personal acronym we called it IDSL (I didn’t shave my legs) for it back in the day when. This prompted us to go out of disposable razors every-where. But we didn’t speak about it across the water cooler in the office, saying “I’d IDSL camster cams intercourse yesterday evening” (the world did).

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